Purchase Prize Competition 2017: What is it, and why should you enter?

Imagine a perfect world. In this world, artists get paid for the value of a work that they spent time, materials, and a lot of soul to make. Also in this world, people who love art get to take home a beautiful piece of work, completely free.

It sounds too good to be true, but that perfect world can come true for a short time at this year’s Stanislaus Artist Open Studio Tour!


Chinese Lanterns, photograph by Lorraine Nilson.

How does it work for the artist?

If you register for AOS 2017 by December 15th, 2016, you are eligible to submit one of your own pieces to the Artist Open Studio staff to be entered into the competition. The piece should be valued between $100-400 dollars.

Up to 5 submitted pieces will be selected as prizes for the competition. If your work is selected, Artist Open Studio will pay you for the value of the piece, essentially buying it at the price for which you would have put it up for sale.

Once bought by AOS, these pieces will be given away to lucky attendees of the tour event in April. The winners will have purchased tickets to the event (a tour guide), and will voluntarily enter their names in the drawing at a registered artist’s studio.

The deadline is coming up soon!

If you want your work to be considered for the purchase prize competition, you must register for the Open Studio Tour by December 15th, 2016. Include an image of the work you would like to submit with your registration form.

You will be notified by January 1st whether or not your piece was selected to be a part of the purchase prize competition.


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