Featured Artist: Jack McBride

ImageMy goal is to produce inspiring fine art landscape photographs that lead people to want to visit that location because it creates some sort of emotional response in them. As an artist — as opposed to a photojournalist— I try to capture my feelings for a scene, not just deliver a literal interpretation of what’s there. Sometimes that means altering my images to blend different exposures of the scene, removing certain elements, changing perspectives, or even combining photographs from different locations or times. If you want to see reality just look out the window, if you want to see something more inspiring and interesting take a look at my photographs.

To those who would say that altering reality is a crime against nature, I would say that’s what artists have been doing for centuries, it’s called “artistic license”. Sadly many “art authorities” still view black & white photography as the “real thing”. Yet what could be more unrealistic than removing all the color from an image? Furthermore if color film had been introduced before black & white, does anyone imagine that the latter would have ever existed? 

I have worked in film formats ranging from 35mm, to 2 ¼” x 2 ¼”, to 4” x 5” in both black and white and color; plus I have processed and printed images from all of them in professional darkrooms. After struggling for forty years to find economical and archival methods of printing my color photographs, the introduction of digital photography and printing has finally enabled me to do that in an artful and technically pleasing way.


Jack McBride, photographer



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